A quick and easy currency converter

Just put the finishing touches on CurrencyConvert.biz – A quick and easy Web 2.0 currency converter.

Please leave any comments, bugs or feedback as a comment here.



  1. Boeeyn Yu wrote:

    Hi, I came across your website in need of easy curency convert tools. I found yours a really good one, which is simple to use and convienient. However, one thing that I feel sorry was that it was not providing South Korea on the calulator machine. I mean, specifically as in a flag shape. South Korea is one of the most influential countries in the world so that I would really appreciate that if you consider my suggestion. Thank you.

    a random South Korean

  2. Jos Duerinck wrote:

    CurrencyConvert.biz since Nov 1, 2017 rates are not updated.
    Hope U can fix it.

  3. Name * wrote:

    Make sure rates are updated.

  4. Jos Duerinck wrote:

    Update the rates please. Fix it asap.
    I use system several times a day.

  5. Jos Duerinck wrote:

    Please update to recent rates please… Thanks

  6. Jos wrote:

    Fix the rate updates asap. Thanks

  7. Jos wrote:

    Fix the rates please, so as was before Nov 1